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I am very pleased to be able to welcome you to the home page of the Rida Institute of Creative knowledge and Innovative skills (RIDA).

On this home page we hope to provide you with an overview of the goals, content, structures of and activities at our complex educational institution. Should you have further questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us. You are also most welcome to visit us,

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Providing  both basic and specialized training and to ensure that its courses meet the needs of both formal and informal sectors within the framework of overall national socio-economic development

Our HistoryWe Started OnEver-ready to serve you.

RIDA Institute of Creative knowledge and Innovative skills (RIDA) is a Learning Hub  which targets a broad based constituency , including   school leavers , media producers, journalists, IT experts, photography, office managers, and entrepreneurs wishing to develop skills and technical competencies in variety of fields. 

It was established in November of 2013 ( as RAIDA School of Journalism and Media Studies)  with a registration number of Reg./BTP/002 and operates under the jurisdiction of National Curriculum of Technical Education (NACTE) and  later registered under the Vocational Educational Training Authority (VETA) in 2017

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The Institute is located at Ilala District – Tabata Segerea in Dar-es-salaam region opposite to Tabata Segerea Bus Stand, the beautiful, serene atmosphere of the Institute coupled with various facilities provides a power ambience for any students to learn, think and enjoy the life in the Institute. 

The Institute can be easily reached by private transport or the public transport from all point in Dar –es- salaam region.

Providing Best TeacherProviding Right SkillsAllowing  Freedom to Develop

We make your Dream Best Succeed

  • Allowing you the freedom to develop as individual
  • Ensuring our time is spent building on your academic strengths and helping you to improve your confidence in weaker area’s
  • Providing you with the best teacher with experts that matches your goals and aspirations
  • Providing you with the right skills, so there is never a barrier between you and your potential
  • Working together to ensure that you are happy and that your academic needs are met


The Institute have the professional Teacher who possess the following Quality
Well Organised and Flexible
We believe in a safe and positive learning environment is the rapport between a teacher and his or her students.

When the students understand that their teacher cares about them and wants them to do well, students feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks in order to learn something new.

RIDA Institute Library collection is sufficient in quantity, currency, depth, and variety to support educational programs

Our SpecialityUnique

Rida Institute provides journalism students with the opportunity to advance their digital storytelling skills through Online TV know as a  (RIDA TV)




Open Mind,Creative Future and Innovation

Each aspect of community and management play a central role in creating a positive and safe learning space

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Monday-Friday: 08:30 am - 16:30 pm

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