Admission Overview

The programme at RIDA Institute of Creative knowledge and Innovative skills (RIDA) ensure the suitability of industry needs and global academic standards. The Program comprises of Foundation Program, Certificate and Diploma level. Students’ progress from one level to another depends upon their performance in each level provided they meet progressively demanding criteria.

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Entry Qualification
Students who are eligible to apply for Ordinary Diploma Course are
  • Form Six Leavers, At least one  A’ - Level passes (E and above)  
  • Holders of Basic Certificate, and their equivalences
Students who are eligible to apply for Basic certificate Course are;
  • Form Four Leavers, At least four O’ - Level passes (Ds and above)
  • Holders of Foundation Certificate of the VETA, NVA Level III
Admission Document

The Academic year have two Intake each begin In March Intake and September Intake.During the registration process documents are thoroughly checked, prior submitted to NACTE for Verification and Enrolled for that particular Academic year


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