Course Offered at Rida Institute

The Institute offers Certificates and Diploma awards appropriate for a three years, institution registered under NACTE educational programe using Competence Based curriculum of Journalism (CBET) and also offers basic skills courses registered under VETA

Course Detail

Certificate & Diploma Course

Ordinary Diploma in Journalism
Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 5 & 6) of Journalism course offered by Rida Institute is a full time and evening two years course of study.

Depending on your interest in the field, you, as an aspirant will be able to pursue an education in Print, Television, Radio and Digital/Online Journalism. Moreover, there are immense opportunities to venture out into other aspects of mass communication as well such as Film, Television and Radio production.
Basic Certificate in Journalism
Certificate of BOA (NVA level I,II & III)
Certificate of ICT (NVA level I,II & III)

Short Course

Full Secretarial Course
Front Office Operation
Computer Application
Graphics & Design
Video Production
English Language
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